Whispers Of Rebellion

In the vivid tapestry of a past life regression, “Whispers of Rebellion” transports readers to the precipice of historical turmoil in late 1937. Unveiling the next chapter in the gripping saga of the alliance forged in “A Noble Destiny.” Led by the charismatic Austrian aristocrat Alexsander Jakob “James” Wallner von Rieser, the clandestine group continues its mission to navigate the political landscape of a Europe unaware of Hitler’s imminent threat.

The prototype Mark 2 suitcase radio, provided by the enigmatic British operative Henry, becomes the group’s invaluable tool as they assist the Chancellor and subvert potential dangers. Henry, entwined in early government espionage, coordinates operations to move Jewish and insurrectionists out of the country, securing refuge for those at risk of persecution.

As Alexsander’s family seeks safety in Vaduz, Lichtenstein. Alexsander’s mysterious headaches prompt Franz to bring him to a clairvoyant, uncovering unexpected revelations. Meanwhile, Wilhelm risks everything infiltrating the Nazis in Vienna to ensure the safety of the Chancellor and others.

In the midst of these challenges, Alexsander’s betrothal to Evangeline offers a beacon of hope. Their love faces trials that transcend the turbulent political climate. Evangeline, facing revelations in Paris that will shake her to her core, grapples with the profound impact of the past on her present and future. Unable to marry until she completes her atonement through the church, Evangeline’s journey to redemption intertwines with the group’s mission.

In a daring move, Wilhelm joins forces with Karl, Henry, Franz, and Alexsander at the Mayrhofen estate, where the prototype radios hum with the whispers of rebellion. “Whispers of Rebellion” immerses readers in a world where love, loyalty, and sacrifice converge with espionage and clairvoyance. Will the alliance stand strong against the looming uncertainties, or will the echoes of rebellion be silenced by the approaching storm?

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A Noble Destiny

In the shadow of impending darkness, a woman haunted by a recurring phobia embarks on a journey that transcends time. While unraveling the secrets of her own past, she stumbles upon a life lived during a tumultuous era.

Follow her time travels by stepping into the gripping world of “A Noble Destiny: The Quest to Preserve Austria.” Alexsander Jakob “James” Wallner von Rieser, a charismatic Austrian aristocrat, resurfaces from the depths of history through an extraordinary past-life regression. His compelling story unfolds in late 1937, on the precipice of the Anschluss, the subjugation of Austria.

As a Cousin to the Chancellor, Alexsander navigates a treacherous path, caught in the web of Nazi infiltration threatening Austria. As the political storm brews, he endeavors to discreetly warn the Chancellor and devise an escape plan. Alongside his comrades —Franz, Henry, Karl, Wilhelm—Alexsander races against time, driven by loyalty, love, and a desperate quest for freedom.

“A Noble Destiny” weaves a tale of passion, camaraderie, and sacrifice against the backdrop of a nation teetering on the brink of oblivion. Will the bonds of friendship and the resilience of love be enough to defy the encroaching darkness, or will they succumb to the relentless tide of history?

This historical fiction masterpiece, channeled from the depths of another lifetime, takes readers on a riveting journey through a pivotal moment in Austrian history, where courage and conviction clash with the unstoppable march of destiny.

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